A Letter to my Farmers

Who is focusing on the growth of farmers? Producing food that meets international standards expand the local market and provide more access to markets for our products.
However, farmers need adequate training in order to achieve this feat adopting GAP.

Good agricultural practices (GAP) are conscious practices adopted in producing food that’s safe for consumption by man and animal, without compromising the environment where they are being produced.

GAPs starts from pre-planting operations and extends to post-planting operation until it gets to end-users. It is a complete value chain, which must not be compromised at any point in time.
Farmers education is very important and can be achieved through extension services provision.

Building an effective private-owned service model, it is very important to ensure that farmers are well trained on GAP. The main concern is who pays for the services being provided to the farmers?

The best approach is the buyers who value safe produce especially exporters. Farmers are aggregated and given the required training and necessary monitoring and in turn, paid for by buyers who export the produce or specific local market.

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