About FutuX Agri-Consult Ltd.

WE ARE FutuX Agri-Consult Limited

FutuX Agri-consult is a knowledge driven agricultural consulting and agribusiness verification firm, incorporated in 2017 (RC 1451541), aimed at providing cutting edge agricultural solutions to clients with a bias for food safety and consumer protection as well as verifying third party agribusinesses investment companies. The firm intends to exploit the myriad of opportunities in the agricultural sector, provide sufficient information, and improve transparency in the new frontiers of agribusinesses in Nigeria.

We as a firm seek to provide solutions to the problem of food safety throughout the food value chain through creating public awareness about the importance of food safety, training of farmers on handling and usage of crop protection products to ensure food safety throughout the production process, designing production protocols for different crops and building systems for products traceability. Also, our services include validating various agribusiness investments companies by conducting background checks and implementing the secure systems we have put in place to ensure the reliability of agriculture investment platforms, in order to restore investors’ confidence and foster development in the Agriculture financing subsector. We aim to increase confidence in locally produced foods through constant campaigns, white papers, and progress reports of our efforts toward ensuring safe food. In addressing food safety issues, two basic problems will be addressed.

These are:

  • Information Asymmetry (Business Insights): FutuX consulting utilizes the capabilities aggregated within its purview to provide insights to businesses to survive in the agricultural space.
  • Food safety and Public Health: FutuX Agri-consult is privileged to have one of the few GlobalG.A.P farm assurer professionals in Nigeria, thus providing food safety services to clients by designing production protocols for different crops and ensuring control points are being maintained throughout the production process.

In verification of third-party agribusiness investments operations, answers would be provided to the following questions in the minds of clients and potential investors:

  • Are agribusinesses really what they claim to be? Are they funding Agriculture?
  • How safe is investors funds?
  • Are claims by agribusinesses true?

FutuX Agri-consult prides itself as a knowledge-driven organization, the firm is deeply driven by its principles; expertise, vision and superb customer delivery.

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To be a leading private agricultural extension service firm, implementing farm certifications by expanding human and organisational development through excellent cross-sectoral service delivery.


To provide essential agricultural information for farmers and other stakeholders in order to bridge knowledge-skill gap and promoting food system assurance, increased productivity, and sustainable growth.

Customer Excellence

As a service-based business, our clients are the most treasured and we go extra lengths to create superb client experience.



of 1M Trained Farmers



of 36 States Covered in Nigeria



Hectares of Farmland Supervised



Certified Farmers



Started Operation Serviced 1st Clients [Ope Farms & GlobalG.A.P Farm Assurer Company]


Certified Quality Management System for GobalG.A.P, Certified GRASP (GlobalGAP Risk Assessment on Social Practise)


Assisted clients to obtain Halal certification, HACCP and ISO 22000 for Moringa powder, Oil, Onion, Ginger and Garlic., Training of 234 farmers on Good Agricultural Practises for Hibiscus Production. & Crop cutting exercise for 500 farmers in Kaduna State.


GlobalG.A.P Training for Client, Webinar on GlobalGAP sensitization, & Value Chain Assessment in Borno State


GlobalG.A.P Certification for Client, Value Chain Assessment in Borno State & Assisted client to obtained Rainforest Alliance Certification for Hibiscus

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