A forest is simple terms is an expanse of land with many trees. Forests are known to cover 30% of the plants land surface.

Deforestation is the permanent removal of trees for other purposes. This process gradually leads to the loss of forests across the world.
Forests are known to have incredible and amazing contributions to biodiversity. Agricultural practices are mostly the contributing factor to land degradation, clearing trees to plant crops and raise livestocks. Trees are also being cut down to be used as fuelling purposes for Humans, that is, cutting of trees to make timbers and woods used by man.
The world population keeps increasing and there is a need for expansion in the resources to satisfy the growing population such as houses, roads and other infrastructures that needs to occupy the land, this is also one of the reasons for deforestation. When the population keeps increasing and calls for land expansion, humans tends to expand its space to forest areas.

One of the effects of deforestation is loss of plants, as a result of loss of their habitats. The act of deforestation is a threat to various plants and animal species.
Plants and animals depend on trees to survive extreme conditions such as sunlight. It provides shades for them and keeps them under cooler temperatures. Most of these animals depend on trees for food. Forests removal is a major threat to their living.
The damage deforestation causes to our environment is increasing the rate at which the atmosphere absorbs carbon which leads to an increase in greenhouse gases. Trees are known to absorb and store carbon thereby reducing greenhouse gases effects. What taking down of trees implies to the environment is that it is reducing the planets abilities to store carbon.
The human race at large depends indirectly on forests for survival because a larger percentage of the air we breathe comes from these forests. For example; the amazon forest has a quota it contributes to the human respiration. Research has shown that about 20% of the air we breathe in comes from amazon rainforest. In terms of food production, health care products (pharmaceuticals), source of raw materials for stationary purposes and other basic needs of man, we depend on forests; hence, there is a need to protect and build our forests.

Agriculture encourages deforestation; it exposes the soil to erosion. Trees retains water and therefore provides nutrients needed for the sustainability of plants but are being washed away without trees.
The more we destroy the forests, cutting down trees, the more we disrupt nature’s balance, thereby putting the entire ecosystems in danger.
It has been deduced that major reasons for deforestation is as a result of human development and human development can’t be stopped hence the need for us to develop managerial strategies for the forests, responsibly managing its resources. Encouragement of afforestation would be a major help. Cutting down of trees and utilising it without finding ways to replenish it back is a major problem.

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