Futux  is an agricultural development consulting firm we are a knowledge driven company that seek to provide solutions to the problem of food safety throughout the food value chain through creating public awareness about the importance of food safety and training of farmers.

We pride ourselves in offering bespoke services to our clients in Agribusiness Advisory, Project Development and Management, Farm establishment, Value Chain Analysis and Futux Verify, Research, food safety consulting services.

Futux is registered with the corporate affairs commission of Nigeria, our RC number is 1451541

Yes, you can see what our current and past clients are saying about us; check them on our website, www.futuxconsult.com

FutuX Advisory is a service, which recommends developmental insights for agribusinesses and recommends solutions to the problems agribusiness owners might be encountering.

FutuX Agri Consult offers advisory and consulting service to you on farm establishment and farm set up.

FutuX Connect is a market linkage service that connects farmers to various consumers of their products. This is aimed at solving marketing problems for farmers after producing.

Yes, you can. We link producers to markets for their produce. FutuX would bridge the gap between farmers and consumer of their products.

Yes, you can. As a retailer or wholesaler who needs bulk agricultural produce can get the market by linking up with us. We source for produce needed by our clients and give them relevant access to producers.

One of the major problems farmers are facing is quality inputs for agricultural practices; this would either boost or diminish productions. Futux Agri consult assists her clients in sourcing produce from specific states of the country by leveraging her expertise and network recognizing quality products.

Currently our operations cover Ogun, lagos, Kwara, Osun, Oyo, Kwara, Niger, Abuja, Nasarawa, Kaduna, Plateau, Kano, Jigawa, Borno, Anambra, Imo.

FutuX farm assessment examines various operations on our client’s farms and identify constraints to production, opportunities and beneficial operations as well.

We offer guidance and advisory services through our farm assessment services.

So far we have been able to supervise about 2000 hectares of farmland.

FutuX Audit is focused on food safety. We carry out analytical operations on various stages / phases of food production to confirm its safety for consumers.

FutuX Optimisation is a resource management service which utilizes available resources on our clients farms to produce amazing results. Through FutuX optimization we are able to influence decision making processes on our client’s farms.

Yes, FutuX would examine and assess your available resources and expertise to guide you through the best fit area of specialization in farming.

FutuX Mapping is a geographical positioning system service incorporated to carry out specific surveys on our client’s farm.

We design protocols on farms, confirm farm size, farm coordinates, and farm elevation through our precision agriculture instruments and professional team.

FutuX Research encompasses carrying out market research and feasibility studies for agribusinesses.

FutuX research is tailored to help agribusiness owners to figure out the right market for their innovations and business.

We conduct and collect research on existing markets. We also figure out the possibilities of executing a new agribusiness venture through our research skills.

E – FutuX is an E –Extension Service that is aimed at disseminating relevant and updated information on agriculture.

We do this with various electronic systems, social media platforms to disseminate this information.

FutuX Verify is a verification service that aims at conducting a thorough background check on the activities of existing agribusinesses and agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria.

It covers all agribusinesses and agricultural investments inclusive as well.

We carry out our verification procedure by conducting a thorough background check, onsite check, field check and interview as well.

Various packages of information can be viewed on our website, visit www.futuxconsult.com.

FutuX has the database of over 200 agribusinesses in Nigeria; this list is growing. Contact us for information on any named agribusiness company.

FutuX Learn is a training service that holds yearly and it is aimed at providing information for farmers to increase their skills, boost their productivity and enable them to be certified in various professional agricultural services.

We work with smallholder farmers, medium scale farmers, development organizations, trading company, insurance company and exporting companies.

So far, we have trained about 1014 farmers and certified about 241 farmers.

FutuX F – Analysis is a financial analysis service which examines agribusinesses funds and positions them for investment opportunities.

FutuX V – Chain is a value chain study service which analyses the operations of certain agribusinesses and figure out opportunities in the agricultural value chain.

We cover diverse agricultural value chain.

We have our office at Lagos, Nigeria and currently have operations in 14 states of the country. We have a vision to cover the entire state before the end of 2023

A number of hands come together make our process work for you and the farmers. We are a team of energetic and creative you people who prioritize a better product and an excellent service above everything else. Our teams cut across Agricultural Operations, Finance, User Experience, Technology and Design. Our skills our interwoven in ways to productively empower farmers, increase digital participation in Agriculture, drive increased food production, while achieving clients goals and objectives.

FutuX is a knowledge driven consulting firm, incorporated in 2017

Of course you can visit! We organize farm tours to allow investors to measure growth and get an experience of the farm activities and operations. However, it is important we are informed a week before your arrival. We can be reached via our contact and email address