Food Security

My food, our food achieving Zero hunger is not a day’s work and it requires strategic thinking and planning as the issue of climate change is becoming disturbing.

Farmers who are the producers of food need the necessary knowledge to increase yield and improve quality, market must be able to absorb the quantity being produced to avoid wastage.

Also, the food handlers must have the adequate knowledge to avoid contamination as the food move along the chain.

It is important to note that achieving zero hunger is the responsibility of all actors on the value chain and the ineptitude of one could affect the food and the output.

As much as quantity of food produced is germane, the quality of nutrients available is directly proportional to its quantity.


As we continue to preach the gospel of food quality throughout production cycle, let us remember that people and place (continent) are the important factors. Let us save the earth and its people.

Babatunde Olarewaju

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