Letter to My Farmers

Is Organic farming a thing of the past, present or future?

Organic farming is as old as Africa. Farmers produced crops and raised animals by using natural means. However, after World War 2, the use of synthetic chemicals became prominent in Africa.

Conventional farming became the usual practise and also population explosion contributed to the needs to increase yield.

Organic products are gaining traction in Nigeria as many consumers are becoming health conscious and preferring organic to conventional products.

Sadly, food products need to be certified to be called organic whereas conventional needs no certification to be called inorganic. It seems more like politics of economy as against politics of welfare.

The issue is not about the quantity of food to be produced but the quantity, quality and the environment they are being produced.

Organic farming may not bring about the quantity required to feed the World by 2050, notwithstanding its contribution to sustainable agriculture can’t be overemphasized especially at a time when the World is faced with the issue of climate change.

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