Systematic Approach to Starting Hydroponics Farming in Nigeria

Dear readers, in the last couple of weeks, we have been able to simplify hydroponics. In this article, we will be highlighting steps on – how to start personal hydroponics farm? If you are a new reader, kindly check the previous blog posts on hydroponics.

Hydroponics is capital intensive to start up therefore It is expedient to carry out a thorough business analysis, market survey before venturing into it. Modern agricultural production should be based on business principles to ensure profitability and agribusiness sustainability. Contact us for all your agribusiness advisory needs. The benefits of hydroponics farming might not materialize if it is not implemented properly. Therefore, it is imperative for the farmer to attend training, and consult with hydroponics expert(s) before commencing.

To get started with hydroponics farming, you will need to get hydroponics system (consult and read thoroughly to decide the hydroponics system best for you), hydroponic medium, hydroponic nutrients, source of light and your plants (seeds).
The following equipment such as knives to eliminate leaves, which will save your time or the time of your workers while maintaining the plants, rail pipe trolleys or lifts. The rail pipe trolley is used as an internal transport system for the maintenance of plants and some greenhouse structure. The lift can be used to transport containers of harvested produce out of the greenhouse. If you cannot afford these, alternatively, you can make use of ladders or weld wheels.
It is not mandatory to use buckets (plastic) and crates during the time of harvest as these increase labour cost. If you cannot afford a rail pipe trolleys, you can improvise by making use of two plastic crates on a surface (not heavy) and attach it to rubber wheels. This improvised device will reduce the time spent on harvesting because you or your workers do not have to carry buckets between rows and outside.

Find a suitable location to place your hydroponics system. You have to get a more spacious place if you intend to expand (of course, you should).
Consider the plants you want to cultivate. It is not advisable to plant some crops using hydroponics, as they might not be profitable. It is generally advised to plants vegetables. Based on your target market, you might choose from spinach, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, pepper, etc.

Endeavor to have a business plan. Your business plan should contain market analysis, the types of products you want to sell, how you intend to put forward your idea and acquire customers, and your competitive advantages.

If all these have been done, the next agenda on your list is to start planting. If you are yet to decide on the hydroponics system to use, you can begin with drip system because it is easy to set up and it will enable you to learn a lot about growing healthy plants. Monitor your plants and make sure you follow the instructions. You should expect a good yield better than traditional farming. Harvest your farm produce then sell.
Arguably, marketing is one of the most critical aspects of production value chains for farmers because it is rather frustrating when you spend your money, toil day and night, and none wants to buy from you.
Again, we help farmers with market linkage. Do you want to sell your products locally or internationally? We are your plug. Thanks for reading, kindly Drop a comment below.

Ilesanmi Ojo

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