The Future of Agriculture

Data is the key to agricultural prosperity.

The current President of AfDB, Mr Akin Adesina said “the engine of growth with the greatest power to spur Africa into global value chains and create jobs for inclusive growth in agriculture.

This statement is very true and can only come to pass when we harness the power of data in solving agricultural problems.

Data is needed by all actors in the value chain in order to seize opportunities in this sector. Farmers needs data about weather conditions, production improvement strategies, market demand, buyers’ behaviour, crop varieties to be the planted, soil information, pest infestation information etc.

Input suppliers will use data to analyze the market, farmers’ brand choice for inputs, regions or areas of high demands for certain inputs, price fluctuation and farmers’ demand etc.

Service providers will use data to analyse the willingness of other actors to pay for their services, push and pull effects of certain services rendered etc.


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